popAI project joins the NOTIONES network

popAI project joins the NOTIONES network

H2020 project popAI, dedicated to the development of a European positive sum approach towards AI tools in support of Law Enforcement and safeguarding privacy and fundamental rights, joined the NOTIONES network today.

The two projects will collaborate in the next months in the field of Artificial Intelligence for security and intelligence practitioners in Europe. We look forward for this very welcome synergy!

popAI aims at fostering a constructive dialogue between the European policymakers, the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and the ordinary citizens. The final goal is to enhance trust in the application of AI and AI-enable mechanisms in the security domain, by increasing awareness, social engagement and gathering knowledge and expertise from multiple sectors. This approach will offer a unified European view across LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies), while encouraging the creation of an ecosystem that could provide the structural architecture of a sustainable and inclusive European AI hub for Law Enforcement. Moreover, the project will delineate a roadmap for the implementation of AI systems in the short term (focusing on certification and compliance) and in the long term (addressing potential future scenarios and risks related to the use of AI).



PROJECT COORDINATOR: Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos info@pop-ai.eu