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NOTIONES is a H2020 project aimed at establishing a network of academia, industry, security and intelligence practitioners to monitor technological opportunities and contribute to the definition of further security and intelligence research.

For this, NOTIONES, coordinated by TECNALIA, combines the expertise of 29 partners from 21 different countries; including 15 military, civil, financial and judiciary practitioners as well as local, national and international law enforcement agencies.


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Novel technologies have presented practitioners with new opportunities to improve the intelligence process, but have also created new challenges and threats. Consequently, the timely identification of emerging technologies and analysis of their potential impact, not only on the intelligence community but also on terrorist or criminal organisations, is crucial.

However, time constraints can prevent intelligence practitioners from being updated on the most recent technologies.

In order to address this challenge NOTIONES will establish a network, connecting researchers and industries with the intelligence community. This network will facilitate exchange on new and emerging technologies but also equip solution providers with insights on the corresponding needs and requirements of practitioners. The so gained findings will be disseminated in periodic reports containing technologic roadmaps and recommendations for future research projects and development activities.

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