The First Working Group Rounds coming to an end in October

The First Working Group Rounds coming to an end in October

The Working Groups are the backbone of NOTIONES. They run throughout the project as timely meetings and continuous online working. The Working Groups consist of a mix of intelligence practitioners, academia and technology providers. The work focuses on strengthening the understanding of the practitioner needs related to technology, on fostering the awareness of current and future technologies available for the intelligence practitioners and to innovate ideas for new technologies and research project related to intelligence activities.

The First Working Group round (T6.1) started in February 2022 as a part of the First Workshop by appointing the members to two sub-working groups. The sub-groups selected the following topics from pre-identified focus areas collated as part of the task – Gathering of practitioners’ perspective and requirements (T2.2).

Sub-Group one: Various challenges in monitoring and collecting data from the dark web

Sub-Group two: Technological needs, solutions, and improvements to the analysis phase of the intelligence cycle

The sub-working groups are finishing their current round in the end of October 2022. During the nine months the sub-groups met approximately once every month. Digital collaboration platforms were utilized in the participatory online workshops. Laurea University, as the facilitator of the interaction, gathered valuable lessons learned and best practices to be put to utilized during the following working group rounds.

The end-products of each sub-working group were ideas for technological innovations for the technology providers and ideas for future research for the academia. The deliverable; Report from the First Round of the Working Groups (D6.1), will present the findings more closely as it will be published later this year.

Author: Pasi Hario, Laurea University