Cutting-Edge Intelligence Technology being used in Public Security.

Cutting-Edge Intelligence Technology being used in Public Security.

One of the UK’s leading facial recognition retail security companies, ‘Facewatch’ software provides businesses with security against crime before it even happens. It uses facial recognition to track dangerous people, suspicious individuals, and perimeter breaches making the environment and processes safer. The platform, which has already been tested and approved in the UK and in several other countries, is now a novelty in the Brazilian market to change the concept of local public security.

The new technology identifies undesirable individuals in real-time, offering the opportunity for prevention and alerting those responsible of the possible danger of an incident. This technology is already used in countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, and has shown its effectiveness in reducing the response time of any occurrence from 3 to 4 hours, besides reducing by 39% the number of store occurrences and 80% of actual crimes.

This tool is applicable to public security, but can also be customized to any set of laws and social rules that directly impact its application. The software works via the web by monitoring real images and sharing information, allowing the database to interact with different businesses.

The new technology brings several resources and benefits enabling the gaining of the target public’s trust with an effective work at an accessible value.

Author: Francine Martin


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