NOTIONES at iProcureNet 2022 Conference

NOTIONES at iProcureNet 2022 Conference

Polícia Judiciária (PJ – Portuguese Criminal Police) hosted, on 21-22 June, the iProcureNet 2022 Annual Conference on “Influential Innovation Procurement for Security in Europe” (link), gathering around 90 participants in Lisbon and 45 participants online. These included Law Enforcement Agency representatives, policy makers and technology developers from both industrial and research entities.

The event was focused on presenting the iProcureNet project and its main outputs, including the first release of the iProcureNet toolbox, which is led by PJ and is aimed at enabling the procurers, suppliers and other key stakeholders of security procurement, to understand the process they need to go through, in order to find common ground for future Joint Cross-Border Procurement (JCBPP). Moreover, several panels that discussed and interacted with the audience allowed for a debate on the needs and actions to be taken by procurers in the innovation uptake processes.

Additionally, and as the host entity, PJ was able to present an overview of its Innovation strategy that has been under implementation for several years. In this scope, the PJ’s National Deputy Director had the chance to present an overview of PJ’s portfolio of EU-funded projects, including those related to networks of LEAs, such as NOTIONES, highlighting the importance of end-users collaborating in this type of networks to exchange information and knowledge among the community, especially when it comes to state-of-the-art technologies. Finally, PJ also had the opportunity to distribute printed dissemination materials from NOTIONES and other projects to the attendees of the event. 

Author: Nuno Correia