Digital disinformation: Policing online propaganda

Digital disinformation: Policing online propaganda

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine once again highlighting the key role that social media and digital communications play in international state actions and legitimacy, Policing Insight’s Andrew Staniforth looks at a new European research project on the impact of online networks on politics and democracy, which could have significant implications for policing and the rule of law.

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Andrew Staniforth is Director of Innovation at SAHER (Europe), a security research, training and consultancy operating at a global level, participating in the NOTIONES (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS) network, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme (No. 101021853). Andrew is also an active Researcher of Cyber Threats at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law and Criminology, University of Swansea. As a former Counter-Terrorism Detective, he has worked across the world and supported missions of the United Nations Terrorism Prevention Branch.


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