Laurea catalysts the cooperation between EU-HYBNET and NOTIONES -projects

Laurea catalysts the cooperation between EU-HYBNET and NOTIONES -projects

Laurea University of Applied Sciences coordinates EU-HYBNET project and is a work package leader in the NOTIONES -project. Therefore, Laurea has an opportunity to bridge the actions of these two Horizon 2020 Coordination and support actions (CSA) together.  

The EU-HYBET project aims to counter hybrid threats, which are a combination of conventional and non-conventional tactics used by state and non-state actors to undermine the security and stability of the European Union. The project focuses on developing innovative technologies and solutions to prevent, detect, and respond to hybrid threats. 

On the other hand, NOTIONES project aims to facilitate dialogue between intelligence practitioners and technology providers to enhance the capabilities of intelligence services in countering terrorism and other security threats. The project focuses on creating a network of experts and practitioners from different fields to exchange knowledge, expertise, and best practices. 

Therefore, the shared objective of EU-HYBET and NOTIONES is to improve the ability of European Union member states to detect and counter security threats, albeit through different approaches. While EU-HYBET focuses on strengthening the European networks countering hybrid threats, NOTIONES aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between practitioners and technology providers. 

EU-HYBNET and NOTIONES have already cooperated by sharing their networks with each other. However, there could be substantial gains in organizing joint activities such as workshops, panel discussions, seminars, and conferences together.  

Author: Pasi Hario, Laurea University