Sustainable Value Creation Summit – How to Create Value in Security

Sustainable Value Creation Summit – How to Create Value in Security

Within the scope of Sustainable Value Creation  Summit (, dedicated to discuss the creation of sustainable value for Space, Land and Ocean (EU-funded Projects), that will take place from the 23th to 26th  May, in NOVA SBE (Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon University), Carcavelos, Cascais, the NOTIONES project partner Polícia Judiciária, the Portuguese Criminal Police will organize a parallel session, on the 26th, dedicated to the subject How to Create Value in Security.

The four main topics under discussion will be:

  • How to create value in cybersecurity and cyber resilience: Challenges and approaches
  • Observation of Earth: how to create value for the fight against crime in maritime environment?
  • How to Create Value through innovation in security? Can VCW /other be an enabler of the Innovation strategy of the Organisation?
  • The Law Enforcement of the future

The event will be held in a hybrid format and for in premise participation the registration can be made in the following link, for free, until the 14th of May (please contact: to either obtain the discount code or the link for remote access).

Author(s): Filipe Rodrigues, Nuno Correia


Key words: Security, Value Creation, Conference, Networks of Practitioners, Fight Against Crime and Terrorism