Moldova conducts cybersecurity exercise with EU support

Moldova conducts cybersecurity exercise with EU support

Moldova has successfully completed a cybersecurity exercise with the support of the European Union, aimed at enhancing its resilience against cyber threats and strengthening its cooperation with other countries and organizations. The exercise, which took place from 28 to 30 June 2023, involved more than 100 participants from various Moldovan institutions, as well as experts from the EU, NATO, and other partners.

The exercise simulated a complex cyberattack on Moldova’s critical infrastructure and services, such as energy, transport, health, and communications. The participants had to respond to the attack, coordinate their actions, and apply best practices and standards. The exercise also tested the Moldovan national cybersecurity strategy and action plan, which were developed with the EU’s assistance.

The exercise was part of the EU’s CyberEast project, which supports six Eastern Partnership countries, including Moldova, in improving their cybersecurity capacities and aligning their legislation with the EU standards. The project also promotes regional and international cooperation on cyber issues, and raises awareness among the public and private sectors and the civil society. The EU is committed to supporting Moldova’s digital transformation and security, as part of its wider partnership and cooperation.


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