Practitioners’ gaps and requirements

Practitioners’ gaps and requirements

This document summarizes 3 public reports that are based on workshops, which were conducted by the CYCLOPES project with law enforcement practitioners. These reports highlight the needs and challenges of law enforcement at an operational level, and the potential for improvement in three areas:

  • Automotive Digital Forensics
  • Cryptocurrency as a Facilitator for Cybercrime
  • Investigations Involving Cloud Services

The document is available here as a download.

The EU-funded CYCLOPES project aims to build and maintain an innovation-driven network for LEAs against cybercrime, creating synergies between LEA, industry and the scientific community. The project includes dedicated groups identifying solutions and research activities to assist and support the development of LEAs as well as practitioner workshops to define abilities, gaps and requirements in procedures, training, legal issues and standardisation. The workshops operate in the fields of direct cybercrime impact on people, cybercrime impact on systems and digital forensics.

Author(s): Michael O’Callaghan, University College Dublin