VALKYRIES UC 4 exercise

VALKYRIES UC 4 exercise

ISEM Institute cooperated on 27th September 2023 within UC 4 Rescue of people and collection of pollution on sea in international waters. More than 500 people and three countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) worked together in a sea rescue and spill recovery operation.

The exercise started with a passenger ship hitting an oil container. This triggered the rescue operation. During the exercise also drones were used and helped with search of victims of an accident.

Boat proceeded with rescue of victims and medical first responders started with triage process. During the rescue operation, the emergency services were able to use tools developed by VALKYRIES project as well as to test opportunities gathered within work packages focused on technology and equipment, procedures and operations, training and cooperation for first aid responders.


VALKYRIES project website: (Accessed on 08.01.2024)


Alena DIKOŠOVÁ, International Security and Emergency Management Institute, Slovakia