Innovation in Communication Opportunities

Innovation in Communication Opportunities

Under the Horizon Europe Programme an important action for building the future architecture of mobile communications has started. The 5G mobile networks are facing applications no more compatible and the extreme future-looking applications needs a 6G potentials.

Under this assumption EU has just funded “Distributed Artificial Intelligence-driven open and programmable architecture for 6G networks – ADROIT6G” (started in Jan 2023), a three years project with the aim to develop disruptive innovations in the architecture of emerging 6G mobile networks. The collaborative project has a budget of about 6 MEuro of EU contribution and 12 Participants form 10 different Countries.

The Project aims to include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for high performance and automation. The results expected from the functionalities and innovative approaches will be validated through representative extreme 6G “performance use cases”, such us: holographic telepresence, industrial IoT, collaborative robots/drones.

Although this project focuses on an application that could be considered far away, the implementation could provide a basis for big data management and high-precision data exchange and for a monitoring/patrolling service with a fast and prompt response.

Source: ADROIT6G project, European Comission (2024),

Author(s): Claudio Testani, APRE